State Plan Coalition

MT Alzheimer’s & Dementia State Plan Coalition

We are a collaborative of individuals and organizations whose goal is to improve the lives of individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia in Montana and to provide better support for their families and caregivers, by promoting and supporting dementia friendly communities in a dementia capable state.

Our main objectives are to accomplish the following


ring together a diverse group of individuals, from across the state, who are interested in tackling issues related to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


mplement the Montana Alzheimer’s/Dementia State Plan. The state plan provides a set of recommendations to improve public awareness, early disease detection and diagnosis, delivery of community-based and residential dementia care services, support of families and caregivers, and quality of care.


eek funding to help implement key recommendations across the state.

The State Plan is Currently Being Updated

The 4 goals of the newly updated State Plan are


Increase Public Awareness, Prevention, and Early Detection of Dementia and Brain Health Strategies


Enhance Quality, Access, and Coordination of Dementia Care


Enhance and Expand Support for Family Caregivers


Advance ADRD Research, Encourage Evidence-Based Practices and Enhance Data Capabilities Related to Dementia Impact and Effects of Interventions

The ADRD State Plan Coalition

Meets six times per year (via Zoom). Some coalition members join one of the committees listed below. These committees meet intermittently, and have projects to work on in between meetings. Not all of our members join a committee, but if you decide to do so, you will determine how much time you think you can give to the effort and which pieces of work are of interest to you

• Workforce Education
• Caregiver Support
• Legal and Financial
• Communication and Public Awareness
• Native American Initiatives
• Public Policy
• Research

To help you get acquainted with our efforts, click on the links below